Eleonora Cristin is an Italian filmmaker with an interest in human rights and provoking themes.

Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Eleonora studied photography and has worked in advertising as
art director. She has been living and working in London for the last three years, while also
completing her studies in photography.

She found in filmmaking the right medium to express her creativity, which allowed her to also draw from previous experiences in art direction and photography. She is currently freelancing directing and editing music and fashion videos.

In the process of developing her own style, Eleonora completed her first short film titled “Spit it out”, which has been selected by the Jury as one of the three winner of “Capturing Freedom Short Film Contest”, and will be screened for the first time on 16th July at the Transatlantyk - International Film and Music Festival (Łódź, Polland)  and featured for the intire July 2017 on Moonfaze Film Journal.



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